The Election Type displays an additional Apply Weights Button.  For Election types, the correction factor is applied to the frequencies of first ranked responses for each candidate.





Using the mouse to press the Apply Weights Button displays an additional window where weights may be applied.



The Apply Weights window allows default weight values to be defined and a weight to be assigned to each weight variable.




Mouse click on the Check Box associated with the weight variable to include weights for this variable.



Use the arrow buttons at the right of the Default Field to increase or decrease the default value to use when a weight factor is not found for a particular data value for the Weight Name.



Click on the arrow at the right of the Weight Name Field to display a list of the available Weight Names for this weight variable.  Click on the list value to select the Weight to use.



To use a weight for any of the variables, e.g. City, PostCode, etc., click the check box next to the Default Field and select the Weight Name from the Weight Name list of values. 


When the Apply Weights Button is pressed, the calculations for the election are re-performed but the frequencies for each response are multiplied by the weight factor specified for the weight name for the values matched.  Where a weight factor has not been specified for the value, the default value is used.



Following the assignment and calculation of weight values, pressing the Re-Plot Button graphically displays the weighted values above the sample values.  For Exam types, the weight graph will replace the display of the Sample Statistics.  For Election types the size of the Sample graph is reduced so that both graphs are displayed simultaneously.




When both sample and weight data have been defined, a list box appears which may be used to toggle between the two displays.  Select either Statistics or Weights to choose the data to be displayed.  The Statistics choice displays the sample graph and sample statistics for Exam types.  The Weight choice displays both the sample and weight graphs.