Test HTML (Anchor Reference)


The Test HTML (Anchor Reference)  report type displays the code necessary to create a web page which contains a link which may be used to run a test.  Clicking on the link downloads the test to the client and results data is saved on the client machine.



The link reference within the page takes the following form


<A HREF =/C:/My Documents/Web Sites/Hexworx/Tester/TesterDemo/demo.jar?defaultPath=file%3A%2FC%3A%2FMy+Documents%2FWeb+Sites%2FHexworx%2FTester%2FTesterDemo%2F&defaultTestName=demo&Entry=T">Download demo</A>


The path of the jar file and the values of the parameters should be changed to reflect the appropriate final location, defaultPath  and Entry execution parameters of the test to be executed.  Note that the parameter values are URL Encoded, that is, they must be converted to the form appropriate for web pages.  That is, special characters are converted to an alternative form.


Use the “Print to File” option to save this template and when naming the file use an HTML or HTM extention to ensure that the file is correctly recognized as an HTML file.