Consult the web site to verify which TestKit™ operating system versions are currently available for download. Stand alone versions download the package as a program group which includes Tester™ and the online documentation as separate menu items. All versions assume a Java Runtime Environment™ (JRE) is available on the target machine.

This is version TestKit™ 2.01.002 provided for installation on the following platforms:





Other platforms as advised

The installation disk contains one of the following programs for installation on the platforms as indicated:


Installation Program

30 Day Trial Version

Stand alone versions




Other platforms



Web start version




Stand Alone Installation

The TestKit™ stand alone versions do not automatically update with program changes and bug fixes. If you wish this to occur you should use the Java Web Start™ (JWS) versions.

A currently installed Java Run time Environment™ of 1.4.2 or higher is assumed.

The installation program installs the TestKit™ and Tester™ programs into the System Registry (on applicable operating systems). The short cut for the Tester program accepts parameters for the directory path, test name and test administration mode. By default these values are set to the "TestKit/TestKitProjects/demo" sub-directory of the installation directory; the "demo" test; and the preview (rather than result collection) mode, indicated by the "P" parameter. These parameters may be changed in the program shortcut, in order to run any test which you have constructed via the shortcut.

Programs installed on Unix, Linux and Solaris™ operating systems may require intervention to add execute permissions to the program.

If you are installing from a CD and receive the error “Cannot find the main class. Program will exit” this is because the installation program cannot find a suitable java version and you should connect to the internet so that your java version can automatically update. Programs downloaded directly from the internet should not have this problem.

Java Web Start Installation

To use a Java Web Start™ (JWS) installation you will need a JRE™ installed on your machine at a level of 1.4.2 or later. You may download Java™ from any of the buttons provided for that purpose on the web site. You will be redirected to the Sun download site where you should select an appropriate JRE™. On Unix, Linux and Solaris™ operating systems you will need to add execute permissions in order to install the JRE™ (refer to the installation instructions on the Sun site). You may then return to the Hexworx site and press the launch TestKit™ button to install the JWS™ version of TestKit™. You may choose to install a Desktop icon for easy and quick launching of TestKit™ from your Desktop.

The program checks the website for program updates every time that the TestKit™ program is invoked.

The Tester™ program and documentation may be downloaded separately to the TestKit™ program if you wish to invoke these components separately (however, the TestKit™ program contains these programs as components within itself).

TestKit™ Documentation

The TestKit documentation is available online within the TestKit™ program. Documentation is also available in docs/TestKit.PDF. Viewing of documentation in this format assumes the availability of the Adobe® Acrobat® Reader program on your installation machine. The PDF file reading program is publicly available from .

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