Exam Items

Exam items are used to display multiple choice questions. These items are marked and included in the test results.





The defined option choices may be selected either by clicking on the arrows at the left of the option or by clicking on the option itself.


When an option has been selected it is highlighted in red. This is to avoid default answers being assumed when no response has been made by the candidate.



The Up Arrow Buttonis used to select the previous option choice.


The Down Arrow Buttonis used to select the next option choice.


The number box at the bottom of the screen displays the current item number which is indicated in red. Clicking on a number box navigates directly to the indicated question, provided that this does not violate timing rules for the test. The example above indicates the test is positioned at item 1. The example below indicates the current item is 2.




The following example shows an item with the status window displayed.