Delete Test

A test database consists of a number of individual files.  A test should never be removed by deleting individual files but must be removed by using the Delete Test selection.  Delete Test is available via the File Menu or may be invoked directly by pressing the Delete Test    button.










Look in


The Look in Field is used to access a menu of available tests and sub-directories of the current directory.  This field is described in more detail below.






Tests may optionally be archived prior to deletion.  Archiving a test means that all components are compressed and stored in a special Archive directory.  If it is necessary to Restore the test at some time in the future, this may be achieved using the Restore Archive option on the Manage Menu.




Select test


Clicking on a test in the Select test list selects the test to be deleted.  The test which is currently opened may not be deleted and will not be listed under Select test.  If you wish to delete the currently opened test you must first close the test by opening another test.




Test Name


This field is used to display the name of the test to be deleted.


Clicking on the field below the Look in Field displays a list of directories.




Select a sub-directory to search for tests in child directories or use the Up Directory Button  to search in parent directories.


The Find Button may be used to locate specific tests.


The Details Button displays details of each test, such as the date created and file access permissions.




Double click on a test to select a test to delete.


When all necessary selections have been made, press the Delete Button to perform the operation.