Allocate Preferences

The Allocate Preferences screen is used for Election Type tests which have parties assigned to each option.  Results within a question may be assigned to an alternative option associated with a different party.


If parties have not been assigned to candidates, reallocations cannot be performed.




Pressing the Parties Button displays an additional window for selecting the party from which results will be taken from to be assigned to an alternative party.




Note that reallocations only apply within questions and for a reallocation to occur the question must contain responses which resolve to the from party.




The Allocate Button is used to perform the operation which assigns the results in the From party selection to the To party selection.




The Preview Button shows how the currently displayed graphs will appear when printed.


The Re-Plot Button is used to graph data following any calculations which have been made.


Reallocations may be applied to the raw election scores or reapplied to results which have already undergone one or more reallocations.  Check the Reapply to last election check box to use data from the last reallocation.